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The Marketing Trends for the Modern Lawyer

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The Marketing Trends for the Modern Lawyers – and why it matters.

As the world progresses further and further into the depths of digitization, the most fruitful way to attain greater reach and expansion of the business in any field is to take the traditional methods of marketing and bring them to the modern digital platforms. With the arrival of every New Year, it is a usual ambition that things will be done bigger and better. As the internet and its connections become more vast and versatile, we see that, when it comes to digital marketing, there are a plethora of avenues one can take to fulfill that ambition. When it comes to law firms, the internet is the ultimate source to get their name out into the open and capture the attention of many with great efficiency and simplicity. With every advancement in technology, newer and better strategies can be found to expand one’s business and acquire more diverse and other-wise unreachable demographic. Not only does this reach new clientele, but can help in acquiring new talent as well. With digital marketing, the I-can’t-find-any-new-clients problem is much easier to solve.

The internet is vast with the world now revolving around it. It has crept into the deep crevices of every aspect in life and has become an integral part of living. People frequently turn to the internet to help solve all their problems. To be a part of the solution, a firm must adopt the following attire to help blend into society.


  • The Website – The Face

    • The website is any firm’s strongest weapon. It is its image. The search for any commodity or need primarily takes place in the internet. Hence maintaining a proper user-friendly website is extremely vital to the image, as well as the firm’s reach towards other customers. The website must have a neat and prominent design, both eye catching and effective in conveying useful information to customers. Lawyers are seen through a conservative point of view. They are expected to be sophisticated, competent, dignified and professional. Through smart-crisp designs as well as easy access to the crucial information a customer may need will help satisfy those expectations.

    • Easy Mobile access as well as having the website be compatible with both iOS and Android is extremely important. As people become busier with each passing year, having a mobile-friendly website proves to give extreme convenience and better accessibility


  • Podcasts – The Voice

    • A Podcast is a popular forms of getting word out to the public. Firms can either set-up their very own podcasts or feature in other’s where there is a stronger fan-base. Podcasts tend to create loyalty and makes it easier to get the favor of your customer-base. Also it gives a literal voice for the firm which helps people humanize a firm and makes it more personal. Even though the podcast is being projected to millions of people, the listener feels that they are the only ones being spoken to. Hence this will simplify acquiring those loyal viewers as clientele.


  • SEOs, PPCs and Social Media – The Arms and Legs

    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial tool to make a firm more prominent to the public. This allows a firm’s name appear higher up during google search results. For a law-firm, local SEOs are a better option as they focus on localized geographic areas. Since the law-firms usually rely on local customers instead of international ones, this method will help reach those that are in the immediate vicinity or local area. Chances of your firm appearing “law-firm near me” google searches increases greatly as does finding customers. This makes your firm seem more reputable and convenient for the customer, which puts your firm ahead of the competition.

    • PPCs (Pay-Per-Click advertisements) which charge you every time a user clicks on them. These are very prominent and attention-grabbing advertisements as they are present at the very top of google search results. These display themselves as search results when a user searches in google. If a firm was to invest in these, they will be the first thing in front of a user’s face if they were ever to look for a law-firm. Sometimes, they even take up the top half of the screen.

    • Especially in recent times, social media has become an essential part of everyone’s lives. Every millennial expects a company to have their own well managed Facebook page. This is essential due to it being able to humanize the firm, which is especially important for lawyers. As lawyers are seen as formal, cold and sophisticated, a Facebook page makes the firm seem less intimidating and more concerned for the customer than for their wallets. This is a crucial resource as this has the longest reach among the other limbs mentioned. It is also a useful method for finding prospective talent. Advertising on LinkedIn, which has become very popular for networking, it would be the easiest platform to attract new people to add to the workforce. Video marketing is also another viable way to attract attention. An eye catching video that releases useful and precise to-the-point information may be the perfect convenient method to get information across to the public. Putting these videos as content in social media outlets increases a firm’s presence as well as makes them even more likeable.

A combination of the presented techniques and methods can prove fruitful to law firms to further connect with clientele as well as new talent. These methods not only make the firm more prominent in the eyes of a consumer, they also make the firm more likeable. The internet has become a huge part of both personal and professional life and as these two intertwine, digital marketing is the most effective way to truly reach customers and makes competition easier to deal with. As the world moves forward towards technological advancements, so must the law-firms, not only to keep up with modernization but to also serve the community as they are an integral part of society.

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